3D Color Printing in Motion !



The 3D4C printer has many innovations in the field of filament-based 3D printing:

1.     The first truly 4 colors blending 3D printer.

2.     Unique color blending hot-end extruder: provide accurate color blending.

3.     Unique compact design, laser-cut cold-end extruders (4 units): ensure powerful and accurate filament delivery for 3D printing.

4.     Original design Dual Building Platform with heat-bed: Platform 1 – MK3 Aluminium heat-bed.  Platform 2 – 2mm laser-cut aluminium platform for large PLA printing (250 x 250 mm).

5.     Special design electronics board: with 7 drivers to control 7 stepper motors.

6.     Full metal parts: to provide accurate and fast printing, all parts are made of metals, probably the first of its kind. (except PTFE tube, couplings and belt)

7.     Laser-cut Aluminium casing: to accommodate 7 stepper motors with a compact design, we use 2mm laser-cut brushed aluminium to ensure a stable framework for printing.

8.     0.4mm & 0.8mm dia. nozzles: the first 3D printer provide 0.8mm nozzles to enable extreme speed printing.  The 3D4C printer can do that because it has a solid framework and accurate filament delivery system.  All 3D4C printers come with 2 nozzles for different applications.

9.     Seamless original design: to make a good product, you not just need a bright idea, but also a well thought original design.  We think out of the box by using materials and manufacturing technique which no current manufacturers are using, and thus be able to make a high performance cool design.

10.  Thanks to the original design, the 3D4C is the cheapest color 3D printer ( even compare to 2 color printers ) available in the market.